My Favourite Album Of All Time - The College DropoutĀ 

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Anonymous asked:
Athletic guys or artsy/music guys? -love ya giiirl!!

oooooh that’s a tough one…. but athletic guys hahah. love ya too!!

Anonymous asked:
Would u be down to date/marry a guy with no job/college degree nd be wiling to take care of him nd the kids?!

he doesn’t necessarily have to have a ‘job’ or a college degree.. but as long as he’s successful/passionate with whatever he does & it’s able to support everyone then ya i’ll take care of him & the kids haha but he better be taking care of me too



my cover of Take Care by Drake & Rih Rih!

look at that photo doeeee

^^^ i know right?! i put your FB link on there :)

Anonymous asked:
I wish i can meet you in person.. Where do you live btw? Country. I don't mean this to sound creepy or anything.. just wondering.

haha it’s okay. I live in the US.. California!

mynameisrits-deactivated2013063 asked:
You're dope

thanks, you too!

Anonymous asked:
do you usually record straight off of your laptop or do you use a mic? if so, what mic do you use?

i use a mic. i used to have this cheap one i bought from Best Buy & the snowball but now I have the at2035 but i haven’t had the chance to use it :’(

Anonymous asked:
Do you love me ?

no i don’t know you.

Anonymous asked:
Have you been to the Philippines? If yes, where did you go? Can u speak Tagalog? :D

nope i’ve never been i’ve always wanted to! & no I can only understand it. i can say some things here & there

Anonymous asked:
What are sharks to you?

ummm sharks

Anonymous asked:
giirll holla atcha boy!!! if u aint down, hit up ur friends and tell them to holla!!!!