Anonymous asked:
where would u like to travel to?

everywhere! Europe, Tokyo, Africa, Philippines (I’ve still never been -__-)

Anonymous asked:
what sport athlete would u most consider dating; a soccer, basketball, baseball or football player?

it doesn’t matterrr haha

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Anonymous asked:
do u like guys with tatooes?!

with or without it don’t mattaaa

this <3

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Anonymous asked:
whaddup girll! love ur voice! was just curious....would u pick a buff, meat head guy who takes bunch of protein/workout shit and is all about his muscles (like those heavy weight lifters) or a guy who is pretty skinny and lean but is pretty cut and is all about the cardio/endurance workouts (like those guys from the insanity workout)? i need ur advice....

hahaha this is the most random question. it doesn’t matter to me though.. those aren’t really deciding factors. i’d prefer which ever one was confident & comfortable with themselves i guess.

Anonymous asked:
im from hawaii and i heard your wade in your water cover. i think you should try and make a cover for no other love by common kings. ps you have a beautiful voice keep it up

aw thanks! i def will :)


My Favourite Album Of All Time - The College DropoutĀ 

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Anonymous asked:
Athletic guys or artsy/music guys? -love ya giiirl!!

oooooh that’s a tough one…. but athletic guys hahah. love ya too!!

Anonymous asked:
Would u be down to date/marry a guy with no job/college degree nd be wiling to take care of him nd the kids?!

he doesn’t necessarily have to have a ‘job’ or a college degree.. but as long as he’s successful/passionate with whatever he does & it’s able to support everyone then ya i’ll take care of him & the kids haha but he better be taking care of me too