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I'm wildly convinced that you're uncommonly beautiful.

I’m wildly convinced that you’re uncommonly beautiful.


Dope as fuck.

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Sometimes the things we don’t like in others is what we don’t like in ourselves.

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Anonymous asked:
whens the next video coming out?

very soon! i’m excited :)

Anonymous asked:
do u have any siblings?

i have a half sister & half brother, both older :)

Anonymous asked:
what nationality were the two guys you dated?

filipino & then filipino/irish/mexican i don’t really know haha

Anonymous asked:
What body part do you get complimented the most?

i don’t really knoww.. my eyes i guess? that’s the only thing ppl say anything about

Anonymous asked:
would u rather date timdelaghetto or john cho from harold&kumar?

lol random. john cho i guess? idk.. tim delaghetto’s really funny haha

Anonymous asked:
Yep you have met me

reveal yourself!

Anonymous asked:
Would you ever go into modeling? Save the world with your beauty be a superhero

hahah thanks but no i don’t think a 5’2” model would be a good idea lol

Anonymous asked:
Do you want to marry a Filipino guy?

it doesn’t matter . no preference!


Oh baby.

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Anonymous asked:
What's your favorite boba tea flavor?

i hate boba. i usually get jasmine or regular milk tea with taro pudding. only from tap heaven :)