Anonymous asked:
Can you do a Disney medley?


Anonymous asked:
Do you have any pet peeves?

don’t get me started lol

Anonymous asked:
what inspires/motivates you?

knowing that we all have a purpose & reason for being here, seeing other people’s determination/motivation, Him, my family, etc

Anonymous asked:
You are such a catch. If someone doesn't think you're worth it, then they don't know what a good thing is when they have it. It is their loss (cliche but I genuinely mean it). So carry on being the amazing person you are and someone Will come along who appreciates you and knows your value. Make room for those who love and appreciate you, and try to forget those who don't. You deserve the best and one day you will be treated the right way. <3

aww thank you. this goes for anyone & everyone!

Anonymous asked:
do you listen to any bands? or strictly r&b and whatnot

i mainly listen to hip hop, R&B, pop. sooo I guess not. what are some good ones? educate me :)

Anonymous asked:
10 facts about urself? i love ur voice!

aw thanks! these are completely random:

1. i lovee chocolate

2. my favorite color is royal blue

3. i’m scared of rollercoasters

4. my birthday’s Oct. 9

5. i can imitate Britney Spears singing

6. i can’t think of anything

7. i have bad memory

8. i’ve had the same best friend since first grade

9. i love math

10. i’m weird

Anonymous asked:
how do you feel as of right now? how is your life going?

it’s going well.. lately its been having a few more downs than usual butttt that’s life! still lovin it <3

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I'm wildly convinced that you're uncommonly beautiful.

I’m wildly convinced that you’re uncommonly beautiful.


Dope as fuck.

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Sometimes the things we don’t like in others is what we don’t like in ourselves.

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