Anonymous asked:
the first time i looked at your icon you looked like rihanna. btw i love your voice <3 :)

is it because of my forehead? lol thanks <3 :)

pedoswag asked:
Nice Singing Are you going to american idol?

thankss! I already did last year & this year



Neopolitan smoothie. Get it. 

FUCKING WIN!!!!!!!!!! Milk Tea, Taro smoothie, Strawberry boba <3 Only the best (((: OG workers knowing your name and NOT screwing up your order!


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thedailyruckus asked:
You are gorgeous! I just tweeted you haha and the best voice i've ever heard in my life! <3

aw thank you!! so sweet

ieatpandacookies asked:
You have an amazing voice. I'm following (:

thanksss, i’ll be following u too!

bigbrotharay asked:
ur voice is a blessing =3

thank you :)


Slum Village x Kanye West x J.A.M.E.S Watts - Selfish

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It makes me sad to see beautiful girls who can’t see their own beauty.

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my favorite wall in my room, painted it myself (:

The Boom Boom Room in LA

my first time in a real recording studio! it was pretty awesomeeee

Sure Thing - Miguel live at UCR

Wish I could go back!

Forget cakes. This is how we do it in SD